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MEGATEC™ is a wide range solutions of innovative and modern Cutting Tools. MEGATEC means stable quality, high productivity and smooth cutting in any conditions.

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MEGATEC™ Thread Turning

Inserts for Main Thread Types with innovative Grades gives You cost-efficiency and quality thread turning.

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MEGATEC™ Indexable Milling Cutters

Our program includes Milling Cutters for main applications. We are especially proud for MEGA5 High Performance Milling Cutters with High Effective insert for Heavy Duty Face milling and High Feed Milling.

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MEGATEC™ Parting Off and Grooving

We have developed a cost-effective insert manufacturing process. Different cutting geometries with Micrograin grade as a first choice and a High Cobalt Content grade for heavy conditions. Improve Your productivity in grooving and Cutting off in any material.

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MEGATEC™ Solid Carbide Tools

Effective Tools produced by optimized technology for small industries. Extremely longlife and productive tools with high precise Cutting Edge Preparation technology for mass production. Please tell us which one is for You? High Feed, High Performance and Trochoidal Milling cutters are also available.

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MEGATEC™ Clamping Tools

The Key to successful machining. From Arbor and Collet Chuck to Hydraulic an Shrink Fit Chucks - whatever You need for.

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MEGATEC™ Turning Tools

Turning Tools Engineered with deep knowledge of turning process in different applications and different cutting conditions. Our Tools are suitable for up-to-date CNC Machines, but also for low-speed applications, such as Large Size and Rotary type Lathes. Experience its safety and efficiency especially on stainless steel and superalloy.

Metal cutting tool

leading world manufacturers "Company MEGATULS" is an official dealer of leading foreign corporations - manufacturers of metal-cutting tools and tooling. 

Our specialists are always ready to provide advice on the selection of metal-cutting tools and the improvement of technological processes, to carry out complex instrumental equipment of the machine park, as well as to provide all the necessary technical recommendations for the use of the proposed metal-cutting tool.

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